Sayadaw Ashin Ottamasara


​“Ever since I came to realise that practicing meditation or contemplating the truth is vital for everybody, every circumstance, every time and place, I accepted everyone who came seeking refuge in Thabarwa Center.”
– Sayadaw U Ottamasara –


Sayadaw U Ottamasara was born in Katha, Sagaing Division, Myanmar on Sunday 26th  October 1969.

Since his youth he placed full value on education. He passed Matriculation in 1986 with flying colors. After completing a B.A (English, Honors) from the University of Yangon in 1992, he became a young entrepreneur and successful businessman within a short period of time. Faced with difficulties and frustrations in running a complex business for 7 years, he sought refuge in the Dhamma in 1999. With the help of a Dhamma friend, he entered the Mogok Meditation Centre at Insein Monastery for a five-day meditation retreat, becoming initiated in Dhamma contemplation and practice.

From February 1999 to January 2002 he deeply concentrated on meditation. He became so devoted to Dhamma that he was able to reduce ; his business calmly, without much attachment. For the propagation of Dhamma he donated all the assets he had accumulated during 6 years of entrepreneurship. He then concentrated on charity, morality and insight contemplation to find the perfect Truth.

After abandoning his business and spending several years focusing deeply on meditation, in 2002 he was ordained as a monk in Yangon by Sayadaw U Nayyasagara.

Sayadaw U Ottamasara started teaching in 2002 and established the Thabarwa Meditation Center on 45th Street in downtown Yangon in 2007. Due to the political situation at the time and limited space in the downtown center, Sayadaw started the Thanlyin Thabarwa Center in 2008.

Today the total land area of Thanlyin Thabarwa Center is 80 acres, housing mare than 2,400 yogis including elderly, infirm, and other individuals in need. In 2012 Sayadaw established Saytanar Village next to the meditation center, where volunteers built temporary and permanent shelters for over 15,000 people. Sayadaw also established Shwe Chaung Thabarwa Center in PyinnOoLwin, nother Myanmar, in 2013.
In 2014 he established Thayetpinyeik Thabarwa Center, Irrawaddy Division, and nearly a dozen other meditation centers around the country, as well as Thitnipin Saytana Village in Hlegu Township, Yangon on 180 acres, housing 500 families.

Sayadaw is constantly and continuously fulfilling the needs of society, dedicating himself to humanitarian causes for the benefit of everyone, through meditation and Dhamma teaching as well as providing physical protection and care for anyone in need. Sayadaw teaches guided vipassana insight meditation in various institutions, schools, hospitals and individual residences in Myanmar and other countries.

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